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Paula outside Enrich Interiors in Seddon

Paula Lienert

Introducing Paula Lienert I am an interior decoration specialist with over 20 years of experience in the Curtain and Blind Industry. I opened Enrich Interiors in 2012 to cater to customers looking for a top tier Curtain, Blind and, Furnishings retail store with a large focus on customer engagement and satisfaction. Prior to entering this business, I had worked in the records management industry for various private and government organisations. After years of dreaming of a career change, I decided to jump headfirst into my passion for design by enrolling in a part-time course for Interior Decoration and Design at RMIT. After 5 years of study at RMIT, and the birth of my daughter, I was able to secure employment at a large Australian curtain and blind retailer. While I enjoyed the design aspect of the work, there was a very ‘sell, sell, sell’ mentality associated with being employed for such a large company. As a staff member I was expected to visit, measure, and sell immediately - there was no time for proper consultation, which made it hard for the customer to make the right choice. An added frustration was the restriction on fabric choices - great fabrics are a passion of mine. Unfortunately, my daughter Ally was diagnosed with Leukaemia during my employment at the large retailer, and I was forced to resign in order to prioritise being at home for her. During this time, I decided that I would focus on my own business. I began retailing curtains and blinds from home using the website My online business proved to be extremely successful, customers could tell I had a passion and knowledge of the industry that other retailers couldn’t provide. To make things even better, I was now able to indulge my love of fabrics, and I could always be on the lookout for new, beautiful, and interesting designs. As my business began to grow, I felt that customers could benefit from having a brick-and-mortar store to visit - it’s much easier to get a feel for blinds and curtains when you can view displays and see real samples. In 2012, I opened up Enrich Interiors’ first physical location at 130 Victoria Street in Seddon. The past eight years at Enrich Interiors have been an amazing experience - I have had the privilege of meeting so many interesting and likeminded people. Our storefront has grown to have a wide variety of displays and fabrics that customers can view prior to making any purchase decisions. I also display and sell other items that interest me – as well as curtains and blinds I stock lighting solutions, homewares, custom made lampshades, and cushions which can work well with your blinds and curtains. Enrich Interiors is located at Shop 2, 130-136 Victoria Street, Seddon. Come and pay me a visit, or contact me here

Custom Made Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters Plantation shutters, also known as basswood shutters, are a popular shutter choice for those seeking an elegant design that allows for increased ventilation and light control, easy operation, long-term durability, and customisation. Our custom made plantation shutters are made from durable basswood that ensure levels of longevity and seamless functionality not often available with fabric or plastic based blinds. Plantation shutters receive their name for their popularity in America’s South - they were often fitted to elegant plantation mansions during the 18th and 19th century. Despite their modern popularity originating in America, it is thought a version of plantation shutters were first designed by Ancient Greeks seeking shutters that allowed significant airflow during summer times. Stick Control Plantation Shutters in a Yarraville Home Customisation Plantation shutters are our most popular custom shutters. We are able to offer clients plantation shutters custom designed to their home’s interior. Our designs allow for a range of different aesthetic looks that ensure varying degrees of functionality; shutters can be designed so that portions of the shutters can remain open or closed independently allowing privacy and different lighting options as the need arises. Pictures of varying designs and measurements are available on our site. Our custom plantation shutters guarantee that we are able to design a shutter that fits directly into your existing interior design. Custom made plantation shutters are especially popular amongst clientele looking for a refined shutter design. Plantation shutters are designed with sturdy timber that emit an image of permanence that is not often associated with fabric-based blind designs. As mentioned previously, plantation shutters were popularised in 18th and 19th century mansions in America’s southern states - their reputation as a high-end design has permeated generations. In recent times, they have become increasingly popular with owners of both classic Australian homes and new developments. Custom Made Plantation Shutters in a Williamstown Home Durability and Usability Our custom plantation shutters’ basswood based design make them the most durable popular shutter design on the market. Custom made basswood shutters ensure that your purchase will maintain its effectiveness and appearance in your house far into the future. Unlike fabric and plastic based designs, custom plantation shutters are able to be opened and closed seamlessly without risk of tearing. This makes them a favourable choice amongst customers seeking easy usability when deciding on what type of custom shutters to incorporate into their home’s interior. Climate Control Plantation shutters are ideal for both winter and summer conditions. Our custom plantation shutters consist of solid custom basswood shutters that trap internal heat during winter weather. During summers, the shutters open to create an almost entirely unobstructed airflow and light control through your house. The sturdiness of the design ensures there will be no wind induced movement or noise that can often occur with cheaper fabric manufactured blinds. In addition, shutter blinds block out the majority of sunlight and UV rays from your home when fully closed. The versatility of plantation shutters will allow you to reduce your energy costs without sacrificing the aesthetic appearance of your home. Conclusion Plantation shutters are one of Australia’s most popular custom shutter choices for a multitude of reasons. They offer customers the ability to have an affordable shutter design that promotes internal climate control, hassle-free operation, long-term durability, and a range of customisations. We’re able to provide you various designs and measurements that will be sure to integrate well with any interior layout. If you’d like to have a look at what custom plantation shutters Enrich Interiors have on offer, please check out the additional information and photos on our site.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds Honeycomb blinds, also referred to as cellular blinds, are a popular blind choice for those seeking a compact product that has the ability to be energy efficient, light-reducing, and customisable. The design, which came to prominence in the 1980’s, receives its name from the hexagonal shape created along the exterior of the blind when fully extended. Our honeycomb blinds are manufactured with extremely durable materials in order to ensure they maintain their shape and appearance long into the future. Customisation means our blinds have the ability to be designed with a host of different colours, fabrics, and patterns; you can even choose different insulation levels and the amount of light filtration you want. All in all - honeycomb blinds are a cost effective way to add a modern and stylish blind to your home. This article will take a deeper look at the advantages of adding honeycomb blinds to the interior of your home. Aquilina Honeycomb Blinds Extensively Customisable Honeycomb blinds allow for a range of customisations that can be tailored to fit any type of interior design. Custom made honeycomb blinds can be manufactured with a host of textures, fabrics, and patterns. The blind aesthetics are not the only thing you can choose - honeycomb blinds come in standard, top down/bottom up design, as well as with cord free and chain control designs. Customers are also able to choose between a 25 mm blind - for narrow recesses - and a 38mm blind for larger fittings. In addition, traditional roller blinds are bulky and can take up wanted space at the top of your windows; honeycomb blinds are designed to be compact when rolled up. Take Back Control of Your Home’s Lighting Traditional blind designs can make it difficult to control the internal lighting in your home. Unlike roller blinds, which allow for light gaps when closed, honeycomb blinds can be designed to prevent direct sunlight from entering your home. In addition, they can be customised based on the amount of light that you want let through - honeycomb blinds come in both light-filtering and blockout designs. Increased Insulation Honeycomb blinds allow for significant insulation - they're a great addition if the customer is seeking increased energy efficiency for their home. The air pockets within the individual blind cells maintain internal heat during cold weather. Custom made honeycomb blinds can be manufactured with internal metalised cells that help trap heat inside your home. Their energy saving proficiency has even led honeycomb blinds to being included overseas in the United States’ federal energy tax credit; a tax initiative used to encourage energy efficiency. Conclusion In conclusion, honeycomb blinds (cellular blinds) can be a great blind choice for a customer seeking something customisable with a host of additional benefits. Custom made honeycomb blinds can be ordered with a range of different designs, textures, and fabrics that ensure they match with the rest of your home’s interior. In addition, lighting-control and increased insulation ensure that you have better control over the internal climate of your home, all while maintaining greater energy efficiency. If you’d like to have a look at what honeycomb blinds (cellular blinds) we have on offer, please check out the additional information and photos on our site.

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