Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds, also referred to as cellular blinds, are a popular blind choice for those seeking a compact product that has the ability to be energy efficient, light-reducing, and customisable. The design, which came to prominence in the 1980’s, receives its name from the hexagonal shape created along the exterior of the blind when fully extended. Our honeycomb blinds are manufactured with extremely durable materials in order to ensure they maintain their shape and appearance long into the future. Customisation means our blinds have the ability to be designed with a host of different colours, fabrics, and patterns; you can even choose different insulation levels and the amount of light filtration you want. All in all – honeycomb blinds are a cost effective way to add a modern and stylish blind to your home. This article will take a deeper look at the advantages of adding honeycomb blinds to the interior of your home.

Extensively Customisable

Honeycomb blinds allow for a range of customisations that can be tailored to fit any type of interior design. Custom made honeycomb blinds can be manufactured with a host of textures, fabrics, and patterns. The blind aesthetics are not the only thing you can choose – honeycomb blinds come in standard, top down/bottom up design, as well as with cord free and chain control designs. Customers are also able to choose between a 25 mm blind – for narrow recesses – and a 38mm blind for larger fittings. In addition, traditional roller blinds are bulky and can take up wanted space at the top of your windows; honeycomb blinds are designed to be compact when rolled up.

Take Back Control of Your Home’s Lighting

Traditional blind designs can make it difficult to control the internal lighting in your home. Unlike roller blinds, which allow for light gaps when closed, honeycomb blinds can be designed to prevent direct sunlight from entering your home. In addition, they can be customised based on the amount of light that you want let through – honeycomb blinds come in both light-filtering and blockout designs.

Increased Insulation

Honeycomb blinds allow for significant insulation – they’re a great addition if the customer is seeking increased energy efficiency for their home. The air pockets within the individual blind cells maintain internal heat during cold weather. Custom made honeycomb blinds can be manufactured with internal metalised cells that help trap heat inside your home. Their energy saving proficiency has even led honeycomb blinds to being included overseas in the United States’ federal energy tax credit; a tax initiative used to encourage energy efficiency.


In conclusion, honeycomb blinds (cellular blinds) can be a great blind choice for a customer seeking something customisable with a host of additional benefits. Custom made honeycomb blinds can be ordered with a range of different designs, textures, and fabrics that ensure they match with the rest of your home’s interior. In addition, lighting-control and increased insulation ensure that you have better control over the internal climate of your home, all while maintaining greater energy efficiency.

If you’d like to have a look at what honeycomb blinds (cellular blinds) we have on offer, please check out the additional information and photos on our site.

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