Replica Tom Dixon Etch Light Web Copper Pendant Light.

With an unusual open structure, designed to cast atmospheric angular shadows when lit. An irregular pentagon shape is repeated 60 times across the body to create a total sphere. Formed from copper anodised aluminium through a process of digital photo-acid etching, the bulb is suspended within the centre of Etch Web to make it the ultimate shadow play pendant.

Available in 40cm and 65cm sizes.

40cm $550, 65cm $879 Store pickup. $30 for delivery. Allow 7 days for delivery from ordering.

If not in stock we will let you know ETA

Tom Dixon Etch Light Web Copper Pendant Light


Replica Jameelah el gahsjgari dome pendant in white, red or black. 40cm $179, 80cm $330, 120cm $679. Pickup from Store prices. $30 extra for delivery. For delivery please allow 7 days from ordering. If not in stock we will let you know ETA

Dimension: D800mm Cord: 1500mm
If you are looking to make a huge statement with you lighting, look no further than the Dome Pendants. With 3 different sizes available, these lights are simple in design, yet huge in size to create a wow factor in your home.

Custom made lamp shades Cushions at Enrich Interiors

Inspired in the design of Marc Sadler, this modern lamp is made of high quality materials such as carbon steel, aluminum and fiber tube.

Apart from the 3 light sources at the bottom, it has a protection plate at the top which projects the light to the ceiling.


190x60x212 Cm


$620, pick up from store (around 7 days from ordering). Delivery extra $30

Twiggy Floor Lamp Replica available in Black and White $620 instore pickup. $30 extra delivered

This Replica Raimond Lamp, original design from Moooi sparkles with a variety of sizes and contains hundreds of LED lights. This lamp is fast becoming an iconic piece for contemporary interiors and looking great as a feature fitting and stunning when arranged in groups of different sizes and lengths. Original designed by Raimond Puts & realized by Ox-ID for one of our favourite design houses Moooi. Power supply included with 1.5m cable which can be cut down to 30cm.

43cm $580, 61cm $1250 Pickup from Store. Delivery $30 extra

Available in warm white and cool white lights

Replica Moooi Raimond Suspension Light

David Trubridge Pendant Lights, for prices and ETA’s please contact Enrich Interiors!

Retro Print Revival Electra Lamp