Navicula Pendant - David Trubridge

PriceFrom $4,605.00

Navicula is inspired by microscopic diatoms which live in water and produce 50% of the air we breathe. The light is crafted from strong, multi-layered bamboo plywood creating a natural skeletal skin. The tensile form is lit internally by an LED strip which emits a soft upwards glow of light. Navicula is ideal for a dining table, lounge, foyer, reception or as a sculptural lighting feature. In 2016 Navicula won a Gold Best award and in 2017 a Good Design award. Navicula featured in the Grand Designs New Zealand 'Floating Beach Bach' in 2020.

  • Small

    Width: 570mm (22”)

    Height: 200mm (8”)

    Length: 1440 mm (57”)

    Weight: 2kg (4.4lb)



    Width: 900mm (35”)

    Height: 380mm (15”)

    Length: 1950mm (77”)

    Weight: 3kg (6.6lb)



    Width: 1000mm (39”)

    Height: 450mm (18”)

    Length: 2500mm (98”)

    Weight: 6kg (13.2lb)

    Designer David Trubridge
    Country New Zealand
    Finishes Bamboo, Aqua, Black, Lime, Orange, Red, White, Blue, Pink
    Materials Bamboo
    Source LED (built-in)
    Wattage 8W / 11W / 18W
    Dimmable PHASE
    Gross Weight Small: 6kg
    Medium: 7kg
    Large: 13kg
    Net Weight Small: 2kg
    Medium: 3kg
    Large: 6kg
    Warranty 2yr commercial / 3yr residential

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