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Paula Lienert (Owner)

Introducing Paula Lienert I am an interior decoration specialist with over 20 years of experience in the Curtain and Blind Industry.

I opened Enrich Interiors in 2012 to cater to customers looking for a top-tier Curtain, Blind and, Furnishings retail store with a large focus on customer engagement and satisfaction.

Prior to entering this business, I had worked in the records management industry for various private and government organisations. After years of dreaming of a career change, I decided to jump headfirst into my passion for design by enrolling in a part-time course for Interior Decoration and Design at RMIT. After 5 years of study at RMIT, and the birth of my daughter, I was able to secure employment at a large Australian curtain and blind retailer. While I enjoyed the design aspect of the work, there was a very ‘sell, sell, sell’ mentality associated with being employed for such a large company. As a staff member, I was expected to visit, measure, and sell immediately - there was no time for proper consultation, which made it hard for the customer to make the right choice. An added frustration was the restriction on fabric choices - great fabrics are a passion of mine. 

Unfortunately, my daughter Ally was diagnosed with Leukaemia during my employment at the large retailer, and I was forced to resign in order to prioritise being at home for her. During this time, I decided that I would focus on my own business.I began retailing curtains and blinds from home using the website paulalienert.com.au. My online business proved to be extremely successful, customers could tell I had a passion and knowledge of the industry that other retailers couldn’t provide. To make things even better, I was now able to indulge my love of fabrics, and I could always be on the lookout for new, beautiful, and interesting designs.

As my business began to grow, I felt that customers could benefit from having a brick-and-mortar store to visit - it’s much easier to get a feel for blinds and curtains when you can view displays and see real samples. In 2012, I opened up Enrich Interiors’ first physical location at 130 Victoria Street in Seddon. The past eight years at Enrich Interiors have been an amazing experience - I have had the privilege of meeting so many interesting and likeminded people. Our storefront has grown to have a wide variety of displays and fabrics that customers can view prior to making any purchase decisions. I also display and sell other items that interest me – as well as curtains and blinds I stock lighting solutions, homewares, custom made lampshades, and cushions which can work well with your blinds and curtains.

Enrich Interiors is located at Shop 2, 130-136 Victoria Street, Seddon. Come and pay me a visit, or contact me here.

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