Curtains & Blinds

What do you need to consider in choosing the right window treatment for your home?

It really depends on what outlook and coverage you’re after. It’s important to know that curtains will take up one third of your window when drawn back, so if you don’t want to restrict your view then you need to factor this in. You’ll have to go past your window on either side or choose another product, for example, Roman Blinds which can be fitted above the window and clear the window completely.

Privacy also plays a big part in your decision making. If you are trying to screen out a neighbour or ugly outlook then you would be best choosing dual rollers, with a sheer Roller Blind at the back and a Blockout Blind at the front.

If privacy isn’t an issue, and you want as much light coming in during the day then Roman Blinds are great. Shutters and ‘Top-down, bottom-up’ honeycomb blinds are popular as they offer privacy splits….so you can have light coming in the top of the window whilst giving privacy on the bottom half.

What is the process for ordering window furnishings?

I can only talk to the process for Enrich Interiors, but it’s likely similar for other companies. I offer a free measure and quote in your home or at the shop in Seddon. At this appointment I get a rough idea of what you want and arrange for a follow up meeting to go through samples I think will meet your brief. You can come into the shop prior to have a look if you really don’t have a clue where to start!

For installation, you should allow a lead time of 4-6 weeks for Curtains and Roman Blinds, 8 weeks for Shutters, 4-5 weeks for Honeycomb Blinds and 2 – 3 weeks for Roller Blinds.

What’s trending at the moment?

Plantation Shutters have never gone out of fashion since we installed them in your house! Many people are also pairing them up with ‘Top-down, bottom-up’ Honeycomb Blinds.

The big trend we are seeing at the moment is Sfold Sheer Curtains. They are delicate in their appearance and provide good privacy. And they look really pretty too, so much so that people are sometimes not even pulling them back like standard curtains. They are creating quite a feature in rooms!

What are the most cost-effective window treatments?

Generally speaking Roller Blinds are the most cost-effective option, but we do cater for all budgets.

What is best for block out?

Curtains are best for blockout and insulation, but where Roller Blinds are fitted on the face of the architrave, they can also offer great blockout.

What about for insulation? 

Wood Shutters, Honeycomb Blinds and Curtains offer the best insulation. Ideally a combination of two will provide even more protection, for example Shutters with Honeycomb blinds behind them.  

Honeycomb Blinds allow for significant insulation – they’re a great addition you are seeking increased energy efficiency for your home. The air pockets within the individual blind cells maintain internal heat during cold weather. Custom-made Honeycomb Blinds can be manufactured with internal aluminium foil type cells that help trap heat inside your home. Have a look at the full article on Honeycomb Blinds on my website.

What are the best for open plan living?

Roller Blinds are mostly used in open plan living along with Sfold Sheer Curtains to soften the room and give privacy if needed.

What are best for keeping bedrooms dark, especially kids bedrooms? 

The best options would be Curtains and Holland Blinds on the architraves, along with a pelmet. Pelmets are the only solution if you want to stop the light coming into the room completely.

Which are best for ease of cleaning? I read a lot about curtains not being ideal for people with allergies, would love to hear what you think on this.  

Unfortunately dust collects on everything, however not so much on Roller Blinds so they would be the best solution for people with allergies. If you don’t mind dusting, then Shutters and Honeycombs are okay also.

Anything with fabric, for example Curtains or Roman Blinds will collect dust. Curtains can be dry cleaned. Roman blinds generally only collect dust at the top of the blind….a good dust every now and again should do the trick :-)

I’m seeing a lot of cathedral style living areas at the moment, what do you suggest people use for these areas? 

Odd shape windows are very hard as most people get them because they like the shape but don’t always think about how they are going to be covered. The options are Plantation Shutter or Cathedral Curtains, both can be very expensive. Outdoor awnings are an option.